Salud, eficiencia y confort: tres palabras clave para los sistemas de ventilación

Today, people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Our offices and manufacturing facilities must meet the requirements necessary to create safe, healthy and productive environments.

The objectives of health, energy efficiency and comfort combine together to define a new model for the control and management of ventilation systems in buildings.

The supply of fresh air into indoor spaces plays a crucial role in people’s health. Not only are the right temperature and humidity essential, but even more so the purity of the air we breathe.

Air handling units, which represent the most important part of a ventilation and air conditioning system, provide the answer to the most important yet often overlooked human needs. They supply air at the correct temperature, relative humidity and purity conditions needed to ensure personal well-being.

The right choice of components, control and automation strategies and remote management systems can play a fundamental role in making air handling units safer.

CAREL offers a range of solutions that ensure highly-efficient management of indoor comfort and air quality.


Better control for better air

An air handling unit control and automation system can play a vital role in ensuring the correct personal comfort and health conditions are maintained in occupied rooms. The control system coordinates all of the unit’s components, which work together to achieve the desired ventilation with the lowest possible energy consumption.

CAREL offers ready-to-use solutions that implement advanced logic to ensure that the right quantity and quality of air is introduced into rooms, when needed. Demand-controlled ventilation logic based on multiple parameters (CO2, VOC, PM 2.5-10), room pressurisation management, monitoring of absolute filter (HEPA) clogging, and advanced control of adiabatic humidification are fundamental strategies in achieving these goals.


The CAREL k.Air controller can ensure that the air handling unit operates in compliance with the most stringent hygiene standards, such as VDI6022, avoiding the unit itself from representing a risk for the proliferation of bacterial contaminatio.

Hygienic and energy-saving humidification

Relative humidity is a fundamental parameter for ensuring the comfort and hygiene of indoor air. It is now known that a humidity level between 40-60% RH reduces the airborne transmission of bacteria in indoor spaces.

High-pressure spray humidifiers can provide the correct level of humidity by delivering tiny droplets of water directly into the air flow. Their energy consumption is very low (just 4W for each litre of atomised water).

The management of washing cycles, materials and special configurations of the distribution system ensure compliance with the most stringent hygiene standards (such as VDI 6022).

CAREL, a world leader in the production of humidification systems for over 40 years, offers cutting-edge technology for high-pressure adiabatic humidifiers through the humiFog family.


Risk-free energy recovery

Heat recovery is an essential component of ventilation systems in commercial environments. Achieving maximum energy savings while guaranteeing hygiene requires special attention during design and development. No contamination between the intake and exhaust air flows, resistance to corrosion and materials that prevent the spread of bacteria are all requirements for the correct choice of components.

With the CAREL Group’s acquisition of RECUPERATOR, we can now count on a wide range of plate or rotary air-air heat recovery units, suitable even for the most stringent applications in terms of hygiene and performance.



Everything under control, wherever you are

Air handling units need to guarantee constant performance over time, every day, 24 hours a day.

Remote control technologies can continuously monitor the quality of the air supplied by the air handling unit and verify any deviations between ideal and actual conditions, allowing immediate action in the event of malfunctions and a prompt response to emergency conditions.

CAREL has a portfolio of products and services for local and remote supervision of HVAC systems, simplifying control, maintenance and optimisation of operation, wherever they are located.

Not satisfied yet? CAREL will be happy to discuss new solutions with you in order to make your system more hygienic and more efficient.