• Características generales

    io.module is the new device developed by Carel for data acquisition and activation of outputs managed by a Carel supervisor or generic Building Management System (BMS). This product supports both the Carel protocol and the Modbus protocol, and features: 

    • 4 temperature inputs, configurable as NTC or PT1000; 
    • 4 digital inputs 
    • 2 active probe inputs, which can be set as 4-20 mA, 0-5 V or 0-10 V. 


    The device is equipped with 6 electromechanical relays, which can be controlled by the BMS or associated with alarm logic. The serial communication parameters, including the choice of the protocol used, can be set using the easy-to-access switches on io.module. 

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    Can be used as an input-output expansion for both Carel and third-party supervisory systems using the standard Modbus protocol.


    • Management of high and low temperature alarms and other values, with optional notification delays;
    • Possibility to create groups of alarms, which can also control the relays for activating external devices.

    Easy configuration

    Wide range of inputs for temperature and generic values, 6 relay outputs, all easily configurable and manageable via Modbus.

    Configurable logic

    Possible associations between probes, digital inputs and relays.

    Higher accuracy

    Possibility to individually calibrate each probe so as to optimise accuracy across the operating range.






  • 2D/3D drawings
    Código Descripción Idioma Fecha * Versión
    Código 2d-3d io.module
    Descripción 2D-3D drawings io.module
    Idioma ALL 
    Fecha 27/04/2023
    Versión R00
  • Technical Leaflets
    Código Descripción Idioma Fecha * Versión
    Código +0500109IE
    Descripción P+E1M00000000 modulo Input/Output su RS485
    Idioma ENG  ITA 
    Fecha 23/02/2022
    Versión 1.0


  • High resolution images
    Código Descripción Idioma Fecha * Versión
    Código PH22LPC301-io-module
    Descripción CAREL - io.module
    Idioma ALL 
    Fecha 29/05/2023
    Versión R.0