Tarjeta KNX

Tarjeta KNX
  • Características generales

    The Konnex card is used to interface the pCO Sistema and the Edrofan card to networks that use the KNX/EIB protocol in HVAC applications.

    Konnex (KNX/EIB) is a widely-used communication protocol in building automation and home automation. Reference website: knx.org.

    The Konnex BMS card is compatible with the entire range of pCOSistema controllers that feature a BMS card slot: Supernode, pCOXs, pCO1, pCO3, pCO5 Compact, pCO5, pCO5+, c.pCO, as well as with the Edrofan card.




  • Manuals
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    Código +030220326
    Descripción Scheda Konnex / Konnex card
    Idioma ENG  ITA 
    Fecha 09/07/2019
    Versión 1.1